Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Thought, and a Call For Submissions

Two reasonable people, given exactly the same facts, can and often do arrive at differing conclusions. While it's possible that the other guy is an idiot, it's also possible that this time you're the idiot. It's also possible that neither of you are.

This blog is about how we're more alike than different, even at the extremes of the political spectrum. Basically, we all want to know if we're going to be OK, and we're pretty much all worried that maybe we're not going to be OK. See the Manifesto for more details.

Do you have some work that expresses our unity? Submit it. We're looking, generally, for smallish groups of photos. 3 to 20 pictures is the ideal, but we're not committed to it. Do you have a single image that expresses the oneness of the American People? Submit away. An essay of 1200 pictures, well, maybe! The editor, Andrew Molitor, reserves the right to reject or accept any work at all, based on any criteria whatsoever, but I will try not to be a jerk about it.

Please have the right to grant TUSOAS the right to publish whatever it is you're submitting. No stolen pix, no appropriated pix, not your boyfriend's pix, please. Partisan rhetoric, however presented, will be rejected silently. This is about unity, not division. Submissions to please.

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