Friday, April 21, 2017


Rick lives in my neighborhood, he's a tremendous walker. I've seen him walking at his usual brisk pace this way and that probably a hundred times. I finally met him in my very own alley just a little while ago, and we chatted a bit. Rick says his doctor wishes he walked less, so there'd be something the doctor could fix! Anyways, my dog jumped up on Rick with her big fat paws the moment we met, and Rick didn't make a big deal of it (despite the fact that my dog is 80 pounds of pit bull mix) so I liked Rick immediately. He seems like a nice guy, and I enjoyed the few minutes of chat. He left me take a photo with my phone.

Jacob lives next door, in a house of horrible rowdy college students. Naw, they're OK, actually. Sometimes there's faintly audible music thumping away of a Friday or Saturday night, but my 7 year old daughter likes falling asleep to the sound. Makes her feel good to hear the sounds of people. And she's the only one who sleeps on that side of the house. Jacob's a good guy.

One of these guys leans more libertarian, one more traditionally leftist. One supported Sanders, one supported Trump. I think.

There's a clue after the jump. Can you guess?

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